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Jillian Speaks With Hynt Beauty!

With more than 12,000 facials (and still counting!) under her belt, there is no doubt that Jillian Wright knows virtually all skin types. A quick glance is enough for this master skin expert to tell if her clients don't use sunscreen, haven't stopped smoking like they said, or are indulging in one hamburger too many. It's a skill she perfected (over 15 years!) at her eponymous spa in Manhattan where she helped celebrities and selective New Yorkers get their skin in their best shape ever.

Drawing from the know-how she gained as one of NYC's most sought-after facialists, the entrepreneurially-minded Wright decided to start her own skincare line in an effort to solve the skincare woes her clients were experiencing. Jillian Wright Skincare was born and Wright designed the collection around antioxidants, fruit enzymes, and stem cells to naturally banish acne and keep premature aging at bay.  

As the creator of her own skincare line, Wright soon discovered that indie beauty brands lacked a place where they could showcase their products to buyers and other key beauty influencers so that they could take their business to the next level. Firmly believing that there is a solution for everything, Jillian quickly set out to fix the problem herself. 

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Jillian Wright