Mask Mixing Bowl

Mask Mixing Bowl


This unique and custom created treatment bowl was made with love and care and with you in mind.  It fits perfectly in the palm of your hand for easy mixing and application.  Faith and Jillian took over 8 months to perfect this gem that will not only function well with your Jillian Wright Skincare, but look beautiful displayed in your home. The collaboration process resulted  on the low, wide form of these bowls, thrown in mid-fire porcelain, as well as the surface design and color, a lavender glaze with gold lustered rim.

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Handle with care.


  1. Gently hand wash

  2. Towel dry

  3. Never put it in the microwave or dishwasher.

  4. Gold may fade over time

  5. It isn’t made for food, so don’t use it to eat!

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